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A Pixar style purple monkey small, furry

ONCE UPON A   TIME there   were two seemingly ordinary moms, Jessica Brown and Diana scharf, who were living   in the kingdom of Westchester, NY.       However, they were not ordinary moms, and each possessed powers that would one day change the world.   


Jessica was a yoga superhero whose Aura of strength and grace brought people together in A calming and playful way.    

Diana held the majestic powers of a Mindfulness QUEEN who shared her wisdom and compassion with the kingdom.   

SADLY, tragedy struck Jessica in an accident that suppressed her powers.        Isolated in her tower, Jessica's aura went dark as the Kryptonite of seclusion suppressed her ability to bring joy and strength to the kingdom.   

Diana had always been drawn to Jessica's energy and knew that her true potential still lay dormant within her.

So,     she journeyed up to the tower with all her royal charm, energy, and abundance of top-notch royal entertainment.   With her mindful guidance and healing, Jessica's abilities were re-awakened, and she could harness the power of yoga once again.


What happened next was extraordinary!    Combining their powers to create a magical mindful force, they embarked on a quest to bring the magic of "fun yoga" to all.     They traveled the land as a team, spreading tranquility and enchantment wherever they went.    They quickly became known as the Topsy Turvy Yogi DYNAMIC duo, with a unique ability to    twist and turn yoga and mindfulness into exciting adventures for kids.

But their journey didn't end there. They decided to share their knowledge, wisdom and custom method by becoming Yoga Alliance certified to share their magic with adults in the kingdom.    They also conjured an effort to bring their enlightenment worldwide through the That's Not Mindful! podcast.    Each episode, they delved into the depths of mindfulness and yoga, unraveling its secrets and guiding others towards inner peace and balance.

But it STILL did not end there!


Now, Jessica and Diana stand side by side, a united force of strength and tranquility. Together, they reign over the land, bringing joy and mindfulness to all who seek it including trainings and master classes designed specifically for educators and professionals. 


while to  some they   may still seem like mere mortals, those who know their true story see them for what they truly are - a powerful superhero and a wise queen, joined together by fate and friendship to create a better, more mindful world for all!

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