Posted on May 9, 2018 at 4:50 PM

By, Diana Scharf

Ever wonder what your kids think you do all day? As we approach Mother’s Day, we asked our students, ages 2-6, “what do mommies do?” Here is what they said:

THEY DO HOUSEWORK. We got a lot of answers relating to housework, with cleaning leading that category. Big shocker there! (I’d kinda like to know why Daddy doesn’t clean, but that is another blog for another time!) Other answers included washing dishes and doing laundry.

THEY FEED YOU. I personally consider cooking as part of housework, but we got so many answers about food that it really needed it’s own category. Mommies “cook you dinner,” “they make you lunch,” and “they give you breakfast.” Mommies “give you snacks,” and my favorite, “they give you gummies!” I know it’s a stereotype, but mommies really are viewed as the ones who provide nourishment. After all, we are literally build for it!

THEY WORK. Mommies work hard, and your kids know it! Mommies “go to work,” “work at home,” “work on the computer,” and “work on the phone.” Sometimes mommies “take us to work with them.” Good work mommies, you are inspiring the next generation.

THEY RELAX. Apparently, sometimes mommies “stay at home and don’t do anything,” “shop on Amazon,” or “get their nails polished.” Well! We’ve certainly earned some downtime haven’t we? Hats off to the hardworking moms who make it look easy!

THEY ARE AWESOME. Mommies “make toys appear!” They “make money and buy you things.” They also “take you to the aquarium and “comb your hair.” But most importantly...

THEY LOVE YOU. Mommies “love you” and “take care of you.” They “give lots of hugs,” and “give you kisses.”

At the end of the day, this is the important part of the job! When your kids know they are loved, they feel more secure and confident and become kind and loving people. So even though apparently lots of other stuff goes unnoticed, (like all the bedtime stories, endless shopping, brushing teeth, and getting up at the crack of dawn to get them to school on time), our kids do notice the stuff that counts. So well done Mommies, and happy Mother’s Day!

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